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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scary Halloween

It's the first time we actually celebrated Halloween and we were thrilled to be part of the fun at the Night Safari. We not only had the opportunity to be close to the nature and animals, we also had the thrill of having spooked by members of the safari dressed as different supernatural beings.

Entrance tickets to the 1st and only Night Safari in the world...
We managed to get tickets at a subsidised rate courtesy of

Alan and Xuan waiting for the rest to turn up =D
Jaron and Qingrong were the first to show up
The Fantastic Four
Quinn and Alan looking cool
Dig it, sucker~
The Witch's Black Pussy Hat
Guess who are below the masks?
Face painting tools!
Before the official painting begins
Angela and her shining horns
The long time sisters
Andrew: Sorry sensitive skin so can't apply face paint -.-''
Is Quinn doing a face mask or face painting?
Qingrong: My eyesssss~
RAWRRRR...Huimin, come and join the dark side!
Qingrong, our make-up artist of the day
Look who's the one with the dark eye rings!
Touching up the face paint amidst the humid condition
Post painted faces
It's Alan's turn to be demonized!
Every Panda needs a Panda
Panda-faced Demon Quinn sending out a msg to the world: Don't Mess With Me!
Jaron consious of his pimples amidst the thick face paint
Angela joining in the fun with the VERY light make-up

The female ghost fending off the Wolf Pack with her brolly
Kacang Puteh Seller or Ah-neh Beheader?
Wide Varieties of voodoo equipments!

'Die'-hard Algerian soccer fan
Do you like scrambled egg or over-cooked Ba Kwa?
Jaron simply loves the adorable pumpkin
Hei Bai Wu Chang!!
Algerian Baby Snatcher
Is that left-over tomato juice or pumpkin juice?
Rest In Peace - Mr Pumpkin (2010-2010)

Welcome to: The GUI Mansion
After a long day of walking, it's time to enjoy a tram ride

Relaxing on the tram before the journey commenced
Mr Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...or is he?
Doink the clown fending off the mob with his knife
Do you want a piece of us?
The facial expression that she has to maintain for the whole night
A hybrid of kitten-human-bunny
What's a sleeping panda doing beside me? - Xuan
The girls mimicking the pouty geisha
The Mummy Returns
The demon threatens to pull off Huimin's ear if Charlene chops off his head
Glowing radiantly in the dark
The big pumpkin feasting on the smaller ones o.O
Xuan: Beware of my light sabre...wait it's a light cleaver!
And we were still thinking what has Quinn's portrayal of a panda gotta do with Halloween -.-
The battle of the Pumpkin heads... RAWR!!
FAN-tastic four
Behold the grand entrance to Halloween Horrors!
Seeking comfort in the ghost of a pilot...My Hero!
Is he from the Pirates of the Carribean?
Pumpkin: Focus on the camera pls
Check out the frigging huge Tua Bao with human meat fillings
The different family photos - Guess who's who?